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Posted: 25 Aug 2018 02:52
by halodude423
So i have used this software for a long time. years really.
I have a question about virtualbox overhead.
My system is as follows:
E5 2630l v2
16gb ddr3 ecc
10x 1tb hdd in 2x raidz1 array that are striped(data and main array)
2x 1tb hdd in striped array(vms and ISOs)
I know the vdevs and drive sizes are interesting but it's what i had at the time and works efficiency wise at least for

My thoughts are that when i just have it as a nas with no other services and virtualbox not enabled i get like 40%-50% ram usage but when i enable virtualbox and run a simple vm (ubuntu) with 4 cores and 2gb of ram it uses 90%+ and crashes as it uses too much ram. I'm just wondering if virtual box actually has that much overhead or if something is wrong, because it looks like in most cases it might just be better to run a simple separate machine to do what i would like the vm to do with the extra resources (like 2 vanilla minecraft servers for like 6-10 people). It just seems like adding another 16gb to use 2gb in a vm is not worth it. Just looking for ideas you know and if it's more of an issue of me just not having enough to start with anyway for the system that would make sense at least. I would just not think it would be worth it if it was that virtual box was a ram hog and not just me not having enough for the nas in general. Some ideas would be good. Thanks a bunch.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2018 18:24
by tony1
90%+ is normal over time it's mainly cache, you could go to System > Advanced > loader.conf and lower "vfs.zfs.arc_max" by the amount of ram used by the VM.

virtualbox works well for me and it's worth reading the vbox manual because not everything can be done using the gui. some advanced features need the command line.