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Access the LAN and Internet

VirtualBox, VM config and HDD images.
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Access the LAN and Internet


Post by gomario »

Hello there. I am using the latest XigmaNAS and VirtualBOX. I have installed a "Virtual" Win XP 32bit SP2 and everything works just fine. But there is no way to access the LAN and Internet. I do use "Bridged Connection" and the Network on the virtual WinXP shows it is all connected but no data packets go thru. "Send" shows over 1000 packets but "Received" is only 10 or 15 or so. What are the correct settings? I have completely disabled the firewall and still there is no communication. I have manually assigned an IP address and made sure it is within the accessible rage, yet nothing :-( Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Something blocks the connection to the router. Oh and my XigmaNAS server works 100% over the 1Gbit LAN connection. I have also set it up as a Web Server and FTP and all works 100%

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