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VM Ideas

VirtualBox, VM config and HDD images.
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VM Ideas


Post by ExTruckie »


I thinking about to install XigmaNas within a VM running on a Linux box.

First of all, is this possible?
Second, if so how would I go about installing an embedded to start at boot?

Or would it be better to use the VM within XigmaNAS to run Linux?

I am open to suggestions.
My current hardware specs are in my signature.

Mark Minnich
XigmaNAS (7538) on a 16Gb USB Stick for embedded install.
AMD Athlon(TM)II X4 645 Processor.
Biostar N68SB-M3S_100521 Motherboard.
8Gb DDR3 Ram.
PCI-Express 4 port SATA III Controller Card.
4 Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 2Tb SATA Hard Drives in a raid1z, total storage available 5.61Tb.
320Gb SATA HD for OMV OS. 1Tb SATA Hard Drive for Backups.

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Lee Sharp
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Re: VM Ideas


Post by Lee Sharp »

Yes it is possible. Is it a good idea? :) The real question is, what are you trying to accomplish. If you just want to set up a lab, then install the hypervisor of your choice and virtualize everything.

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