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Rebuilding a server - keep config

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Rebuilding a server - keep config


Post by danzi » 14 Nov 2018 20:47

Hi All,

I am rebuilding XigmaNAS and want to keep my Syncthing config.

It only has receiving folders, since it's where I collect the backups.

Assuming the base setup would be the same:

Same IP
Same Name
Same mounts and folders

Can I just save Syncthing's config.xml and overwrite the one on the new machine before launching the service?
Dell T130 - 32Gb ECC - ESXi 6.7
VM Full Instal - - Omnius (revision 6005)
HP/LSI 9121-4i SAS2008 Pass Through mode
2 x 2Tb ZFS mirror
1 x 3Tb UFS

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