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Enable and Setup Syncthing on Xigmanas

Open source file synchronization tool.
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Enable and Setup Syncthing on Xigmanas


Post by fasa »


I have been using NAS4Free/Xigmanas for basic home use for years and now have setup a Xigmanas NAS for my work.

I just learned about Syncthing and would like to set it up on Xigmanas.

Is there a tutorial available online to help me with the setup? If not, can someone help me with the steps of the setup process, if it's not complicated?

I found where to enable the Syncthing service, but am unaware of what to do from there.

Thank you in advance and for your patience in helping me out.

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Re: Enable and Setup Syncthing on Xigmanas


Post by coatmaker618 »

hi fasa, I don't know too much about syncthing myself but I did get it running!

I think the step that you're missing is the url on that syncthing service setup page. Basically syncthing doesn't integrate into the GUI the way other services on XigmaNAS do, it runs its own webGUI. By default that is on port 8384 so you should be able to use the same URL/IP that you use to get to your NAS and just append ":8384" on the end of that to get to the syncthing page.

Hope that helps :)

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