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Syncthing permission error

Open source file synchronization tool.
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Syncthing permission error


Post by RobertoBenzi »

Hello there,
I'm having some issue setting up the build-in syncthing in the latest version of Xigmanas (12.1, Syncthing version 1.4), in particulary it's giving me a permission denied error.

I have a Users folder containing the UserA UserB and UserC folder, all within the same group, I'd like Syncthing to sync the folder on my XigmaNAS ZFS dataset with the users desktop. I've read the previous topic about permission issues and halfway through it was suggested by bewoco what the issue should be related with the creation of the .stfolder during the first sync, so I tried letting syncthing create the folder and then giving the right owner (UserA, B and C) after Synchting finished the first sync, the ownership.
The problem is that now synchthing is giving me the permission error for every single file.
I understand that syncthing need the rights to write to the desired folders, so I thought of adding it to the wheel group, would it create a security concern?
In the aforementioned topic bewoco hinted about adding the syncthing user to the wheel group with a postinit command, would it be an issue doing it with the Command Line tool, like

pw group mod {groupNameHere} -m {userNameHere}

What kind of problem would it create? Could this be a solution or there's another solution?
My main problem is that I want the Users to be able to access also the Network stored folder, so I'd like to keep every user able to access only his own folder, setting permission to 777 would let everyone access the users folders, even other users, is there another workaround aside adding syncthing to wheel? Would adding syncthing to wheel at least work?

Thank you in advance,
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Re: Syncthing permission error


Post by RichieStine »

Hello...i would like to add that never change the ownership or permission levels of jail datasets. These contain operating system and application files that will not work properly if changed. Only ever change ownership or permission levels of datasets that contain only your data and that are mounted into your jail.

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