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[FS] HP server with many resources

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[FS] HP server with many resources


Post by cookiemonster »

HP DL 580 G5 surplus to requirements.
It has about 124 GB of ECC RAM, 2 or four (I need to check again) Xeon CPUs, 2 hot swap power supplies, 2 network port + 1 iLO network port (all Intel), cage for 8 Small Form Factor hard drives (SFF).
Perfectly functional. I could include some SFF 500 GB disks but I'm that's optional as many already have their preferred storage.
It's a beast of an old server and there are more efficient machines out there for relative but for someone messing on a homelab is not at all bad.
I'm looking only for a nominal price.
It's impossibly expensive to post so collection only and I can drive it up to 30 miles for the cost of petrol.
Main: Xigmanas x64-full-RootOnZFS as ESXi VM with 24GB memory.
Main Host: Supermicro X8DT3 Memory: 72GB ECC; 2 Xeon E5645 CPUs; Storage: (HBA) - LSI SAS 9211-4i with 3 SATA x 1 TB in raidZ1, 1 x 3 TB SAS drive as single stripe, 3 x 4 TB SAS drives in raidZ1.
Spare1: HP DL360 G7; 6 GB ECC RAM; 1 Xeon CPU; 5 x 500 GB disks on H210i
Backup1: HP DL380 G7; 24 GB ECC RAM; 2 Xeon E5645 CPUs; 8 x 500 GB disks on IBM M1015 flashed to LSI9211-IT

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