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New Plex Nas Build

Everything Hardware related to build that XigmaNAS system!
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New Plex Nas Build


Post by BillyTheFish »

I have a current Xigmanas that is dying. I am currently getting Cam status: ATA Status Errors, which I have traced to faulty SATA connectors on the motherboard. It's a shame but as the system was built in January 2011, it is probably time to replace most of it anyway.

I have been completely out of the loop on hardware developments so any help or suggestions anyone might have will be very much appreciated.

I use this NAS for:

*Storing loads of large and small files on
*Plex - multiple streaming and transcoding at once
*Music and other media streaming
*Recording live TV via a HD Homerun on the network
*Backing up windows machines to by imaging via Macrium Reflect
*Backing up files from mobile devices
*A central storage place for things like photos and documents for all the family

I would like to build a new system that will last me as long as the old one, but re-use some of the parts from the old system where this can be sensibly done (without compromising the integrity of the new system as the files are precious to me).

I would also like to add capacity to expand to 3x storage pools eventually.

Current System

I am using RootOnZFS on the latest build of XigmaNas. I have two RAID-Z2 Pools of 6 drives each.

New Build

Case: SilverStone CS380 ... 09&area=en
CPU: Intel® Xeon processor E3-1200 v6 
MOBO: Supermicro X11SSL-CF ... /X11SSL-CF
RAM: 32GB: 4x Samsung 8GB DDR4 PC4-21300 2666MHz CL17 1.2V ECC UDIMM M391A1K43BB2-CTD ... ver-memory
PSU: SeaSonic PRIME 1300 W Platimum (1300Watts)
NIC: Onboard or keep my old Dell X3959 Dual-Port Gigabit PCI-E NIC Server Adapter?

UPS: Keep my EATON Powerware 9130 3000VA-T (using driver usbhid-ups)

System pool : RootOnZFS (mirrored):
Probably connected to a cheap SATA card? Or USB?
Keep the 2x Kingston v-Nand SSD 960 EVO 500GB

Pool 1 (Z2):
HDD Controller: Keep my Lenovo ThinkServer 9300-8e PCIe 12 Gb 8-Port External SAS Adapter by LSI, flashed with Broadcom firmware (PCIe 2.0 x16 slot) ... #downloads
Keep my enclosure: SilverStone SST-RS831S ... 83&area=en
Keep the 6x 12TB HGST DC HC520 (HGST HUH721212ALE600) currently in the pool

Pool 2 (Z2):
Connected to onboard 6Gb/s SATA ports
Keep the 6x 6TB WD Red (WDC WD60EFRX-68MYMN1) currently in the pool

[FUTURE] Pool 3, when I can afford it (z3)
Connected to onboard 12Gb/s SAS ports
Some 12TB+ SAS drives - probably 8 of them.

What does everyone do these days? Backup to remote freenas? Tapes? Optical? Something else?

Will this work? Does anyone have any better suggestions?

Thank you!

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Re: New Plex Nas Build


Post by cookiemonster »

Very nice system. I read that the case was hard to come by, maybe there's more availability now. Will it have enough caddies and space for all your drives?
That motherboard has dual 1Gb nic and onboard ipmi so you can save your PCI-E nic for spare.
If you are in the UK I have a spare supermicro 2U case with air shroud and dual power supplies (shameless plug). It has all the caddies for 12 3.5 Hard Drives as well as the expander backplane.
Back to the point, with that MB you could plug the root pool to the onboard sata ports - there are 6. Leaves you with four to spare.
For the data pools I'd use the SAS HBA.
For backups, I'm sure as many answers as users out there. Personally I have a separate machine with a pool large enough to backup to my most important zfs datasets. Good luck with the build, nice choices.
Main: Xigmanas x64-full-RootOnZFS as ESXi VM with 24GB memory.
Main Host: Supermicro X8DT3 Memory: 72GB ECC; 2 Xeon E5645 CPUs; Storage: (HBA) - LSI SAS 9211-4i with 3 SATA x 1 TB in raidZ1, 1 x 3 TB SAS drive as single stripe, 3 x 4 TB SAS drives in raidZ1.
Spare1: HP DL360 G7; 6 GB ECC RAM; 1 Xeon CPU; 5 x 500 GB disks on H210i
Backup1: HP DL380 G7; 24 GB ECC RAM; 2 Xeon E5645 CPUs; 8 x 500 GB disks on IBM M1015 flashed to LSI9211-IT

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