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To install NAS

Everything Hardware related to build that XigmaNAS system!
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To install NAS


Post by johnnybrown »

I don't know much about NAS. I am thinking of installing NAS for our newly established graphic designing and printing company. We are currently using internet package of Acanac Inc. Toronto. I have mentioned the plan details here (https://www.acanac.com/ontario-high-spe ... age=Capped). What are the requirements needed to install NAS. Please provide me all details, such as system configuration, network requirements, other peripherals etc. Thank you in advance.

Lord Crc
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Re: To install NAS


Post by Lord Crc »

Unless you're proficient with computers and know BSD/Linux or willing to learn, I would not do this myself if my company relied on the NAS for their operation. I would find an IT tech who could set up something which they could support should something happen.

In any case, nobody can help you with details without knowing:
- What do you want to use the NAS for? Backup? Main storage for projects?
- What type of data do you wish to store, typical size of files, typical access patterns?
- How much storage do you require, and what about the growth?
- Do you have any performance requirements? If so, how many users will be using the NAS simultaneously?

There are other things, but that's just to get an overall idea of what you need.

But like I said, if this NAS will become critical for the operations of the company, get a professional to help you.

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