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ESXi 6.7 and XigmaNAS on a Dell T130

Posted: 20 Aug 2018 16:56
by danzi
Chapter I.
  • Got hold of a Dell PowerEDGE T130 with 32 gig ram with no DELL raid cards in it, cos I don't think I'll be needing them. 2x16 gig ram makes plenty of room for another 32 if need be later.
  • Installed ESXi 6.7 - it's free :-) - on a USB stick and have a SATA disk to load the VMs on. Too bad, ESXi not able to do sw raid, so if your VMs are critical to you, you might want the DELL raid card.
  • Added my LSI SAS2008 card, this has 4 internal SATA ports. Plan to add my disks to this for XigmaNAS to see them.
  • At this stage the T130's fans were turned to 100% all of the time. It's a known thing. Third party PCIE cards do this by default
  • Set the LSI card in ESXi to PassThroug - a reboot was required, after this could assign it to the VM running XigmaNAS
  • Updated firmware on the T130 to latest, also it has a Dell remote management thinggy, iDRAC, this also had to be updated
  • Booting the server with a LAN cable plugged in it picks up an IP address and you can manage the server from a web browser. How cool!
  • Default user and pass is admin / calvin. One can even ssh in. I suggest changing ports and user pass of course.
  • Fan is still at 100%. After ssh in you can tur off the 3rd party PCIe card fan trigger like below

Using RACADM Commands:
Use the following racadm command to check current status of third party PCI fan response:

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racadm get system.thermalsettings.ThirdPartyPCIFanResponse
To disable the response: (default is enabled)

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racadm set system.thermalsettings.ThirdPartyPCIFanResponse 0
To enable the response: (if disabled by above command)

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racadm set system.thermalsettings.ThirdPartyPCIFanResponse 1

Will be adding the disks and play around with this some more and update the post :-)

Re: ESXi 6.7 and XigmaNAS on a Dell T130

Posted: 21 Aug 2018 06:48
by danzi
Chapter II

Ran into some troubles with the LSI2008 card. I have not yet flashed it, and it is throwing some errors.


Tried to scrub a mirrored zpool, it became degraded and after too many errors a reboot was necessary, pool is up, so I'll save some data.

Btw. Anyone knows how to check the driver version for the LSI2008? I bet there's a huge mismatch there...

Re: ESXi 6.7 and XigmaNAS on a Dell T130

Posted: 23 Aug 2018 22:09
by danzi
After the re-flash hoping to have the errors overcome.

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mps0: <Avago Technologies (LSI) SAS2008> port 0x6000-0x60ff mem 0xfd2fc000-0xfd2fffff,0xfd280000-0xfd2bffff irq 16 at device 0.0 on pci5
mps0: Firmware:, Driver:
mps0: IOCCapabilities: 1285c<ScsiTaskFull,DiagTrace,SnapBuf,EEDP,TransRetry,EventReplay,HostDisc>
Driver and Firmware seems close match, although no idea if it's a good pairing.

Bios flashing process:

Re: ESXi 6.7 and XigmaNAS on a Dell T130

Posted: 25 Aug 2018 15:11
by danzi
It's a real shame ESXi has only one single option to put ISO files on the datastore.

I need a few to install various VMs for all kind of stuff. Windows 10 ISO gets corrupted with every try.

One way is to install ProFTPD.

Enable ssh first, so you could run the command on the ESXi host.

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~ # esxcli software vib install --no-sig-check -d /opt/ProFTPD-1.3.3-8-offline 
you need the full path from root!

at least this would help to transfer iso files to the ESXi datastore faster.

Re: ESXi 6.7 and XigmaNAS on a Dell T130

Posted: 19 Sep 2018 15:25
by danzi
Ok, ESXi 6.7 is up, new XigmaNAS is installed. Latest one -

AFP share access does a random reboot of the XigmaNAS vm. Otherwise, cleaning the LSI card's chip, adding a thin layer of thermal paste and a 40 mm fan on 5V and another larger 80 mm fan next to it on low RPM, no CAM errors so far, even did a scrub of the 2 TB mirror hanging off the LSI card.

But the AFP share random reboot is weird. Will switch to Samba, see if that helps.