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Need a little help with an HP MicroServer G8

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Need a little help with an HP MicroServer G8


Post by steveb7az »

Recently picked up a HP MicroServer Gen8, but am having a little trouble getting it ready for use. Would anyone have a link to the HP Smart Update Manager ISO? I can find the ZIP file for use under Windows but am having trouble finding the ISO image for standalone updating. Also any links to a guide for the HP BIOS would be helpful. I'm trying to get iLo configured as well as how to get the box to boot from USB by default. Although I've made the changes in BIOS it seems like they are not sticking or I am doing something wrong.

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Re: Need a little help with an HP MicroServer G8


Post by netware5 »

Please let me know the versions of BIOS, iLO and server firmware. I am using MIcroserver Gen8 with XigmaNAS/Nas4Free about two years without any problems.
XigmaNAS - Ingva (rev.7542) embedded on HP Proliant Microserver Gen8, Xeon E3-1265L, 16 GB ECC, 2x4TB WD Red ZFS Mirror

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