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My Second XigmaNAS build [the twin] and associated upgrades

New installs of XigmaNAS.
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My Second XigmaNAS build [the twin] and associated upgrades


Post by was-armandh » 06 Dec 2018 19:52

most of the parts arrived except the small SSD for the OS so, temporarily, I am using a 16Gb usb flash.
and yes, the first thing I did was to save the config. for the SSD loading
this younger twin is, at present, receiving all the data from the next [second to last] to be worked on. [i3 desktop medium tower]
the second time, 3rd and 4th is/will be so much easier, save the whole project has more steps than "the electric slide"
3rd and 4th part are mostly done not quite as smooth but with lots of redundancy nothing lost.
I got a little over confident and deviated from my plan [short cut to no where]
so now I am refilling the second to last mirrored drives from other storage. [now done]
just one simple upgrade left when a SSD arrives [plus the remaining left over atom box]
my error was not playing it safe. I easily could have copied the data across bur I got in a hurry
I should have followed the plan by putting the last in the sequence N4f back on its available USB boot
then re-purposing the SSD to xi new install on the second to last hardware with an available pair of drives
copy the data over to the new pool then move those data drives as well, if good OK, if not, reinstall and copy from the first pair.
the part that did work was the drives and n4f from the third to the forth just awaiting an SSD and upgrade to xi
further update
the SSDs arrived and the OS updates are now on them. the main 4 Xi projects are complete and in production!

one of the two left over atom boxes is converted from 1 Gb PATA flash to a PATA SSD boot of XigmaNAS
now playing with a USB adapter awaiting a 44 to 40 pin adapter cable to button it up. [done]
and I add it boots in about 1/4 the time PATA connected rather than USB
also waiting for a replacement HDD as half the mirror degraded. [originally FN-6 mirror][done]
the second surplus will also get a SSD [SATA] and Xi upgrade when the SSDs arrives. [done]
[it was] according to order tracking in town winding their way through the seasonal package cluster-fest.
one of the now surplus atom based XigmaNAS goes to my daughter, her 32 bit N4F gets salvaged
a P4 with 1Gb DDR hot stuff in its day and for several years good for N4F, now it barely runs Ubuntu
the second, a loaner, to a friend considering building a NAS. [try it B4 you buy it]
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