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Somewhat strange behavior with different users

Authenticating users & groups on XigmaNAS.
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Somewhat strange behavior with different users


Post by DigiTalk »


I've posted this already in the german board, but noone seems to have an answer.

I have experienced the fowwoling strange behavior:
Some files are not visible for Windows.
But windows knows the number of files and their combindes size if I check the folders' properties.
If I open the folder, Windows displays it as ampty.
This happens mostly with files stored by another user.

Interesting thing: User and group of both visible and invisible files are identical.
Also access rights are identical. Both for folders and files.
Both users are part of the same groups.

In this example I can easily access "Tanjas Geburtstag 2008" but "Taufe Kilian" is displayd as empty:

My first thought was that the files had different permissons set, but they are identical:

Most invisible files have been saved by my wife, Tanja.
I thought this might be the issue, but here we can both see all files:

These are my current users:

Ideas anyone?
What am I missing?
Why does windows know the number of files but can't see the files?
Thank you in advance!


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