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Difference between and CIFS permissions?

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 12:30
by NeilP
I have two boxes here, both being accessed from a Mac with El Capitain.

I have created new user and shares in CIFS for access on the box all identical (with exception of the server name) to the settings for the same user name as in the box.

But when I look in the Mac Finder , i can see the box but can't connect to it, where as I can connect to the 10.3.03 box.

Same User name on the Mac as both the NAS4free boxes. CIFS shares all identical.

Yet the shares do not appear and can't connect to the earlier box.

What other permission settings that do not appear in the WebGUI do need changing ?

This issue has only occurred since OSX El Capitan that I can't access the CIFS shares on

If I try and turn on AFP on I can then connect but can't copy files as Error 43 on the Mac occurs.

Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Difference between and CIFS permissions?

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 08:17
by svily0
Don't know the mac specifics, but might have something to do with CIFS Max Protocol.
Compare the settings of both boxes at <BoxWebAddress>/services_samba.php

Re: Difference between and CIFS permissions?

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 08:39
by NeilP
Ok, thank you , I will have a look there and see what comes up.
I enabled AFP and can access both now, from the Mac,
Think Apple have changed something that has screwed things for SMB connection, but AFP is there too so still have file access

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