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Is there no Samba help??

Authenticating XigmaNAS users using Active Directory or NT PDC
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Is there no Samba help??


Post by fkahle » 24 May 2017 16:41

I have been trying to make samba work like windows on NAS4FREE, in fact my boss is suggesting i build a windows VM attached via ISCSI to do windows shares. This is not my ideal, its a workaround. What I really want is the ability to setup a share (windows) and then manage it properly. I have no problem I have repeatedly read how people get active directory (member) setup, then they cannot see anything as far as the users go. Does anyone have a setup where shares are created and then properly served and maintained?

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Re: Is there no Samba help??


Post by doktornotor » 24 May 2017 18:35

Afraid you are not very clear here. Are you trying to attach N4F to an existing domain and use Windows AD controllers for authentication, or are you trying to use Samba on N4F as an ADDC?

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