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Samba as a DC on same system with Xigma?

Authenticating XigmaNAS users using Active Directory or NT PDC
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Samba as a DC on same system with Xigma?


Post by riveradavid » 28 Feb 2019 18:02

I would like to set up the same system running both XigmaNAS and as a Samba Domain Controller. Is that possible? The Xigma documentation is quite vague in that area.

I was starting to head down the path of simply adding Samba (as a DC) directly on the FreeBSD base operating system, but any shortcuts would be appreciated. Has anyone tried or dome something like that?

David R

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Re: Samba as a DC on same system with Xigma?


Post by Brahiewahiewa » 01 Mar 2019 18:07

That's exactly what the menu entry Services | Samba AD is meant for

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