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FTP download speeds from NAS4Free are very slow, but other speeds great

File transfer protocol.
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FTP download speeds from NAS4Free are very slow, but other speeds great


Post by GuySupportIT » 30 Mar 2018 03:59

FTP download speeds from NAS4Free are very slow.

It is strange because FTP _uploads_ to NAS4Free are great, CIFS share speeds to and from NAS4Free are great

I also tested a Filezilla FTP server on a different machine in the network, and those transfer speeds were great to and from that server.

So it is just downloads from NAS4Free's ftpd service that are slow.

Speeds (from outside local network):
~650 KiB/s downloading from NAS4Free ftpd service
~6.5 MiB/s uploading to NAS4Free ftpd service

~6.5 MiB/s downloading from Filezilla FTP server
~6.5 MiB/ uploading to Filezilla FTP server

Is there a setting that could slow NAS4Free -> WAN speeds?

EDIT (April 7, 2018):

Alright, so I've been using workarounds to transfer files as needed, but finally remembered to get back to this and provide some more details.

Download speeds from within the LAN of the NAS4Free ftp service are still really poor - only ~650 KiB/s, same as when downloading from external to the network.
This is with just using a direct, local IP address connection to the service.

It gets even stranger -
I have a CIFS share set up to the same directories as the FTP share. I installed FileZilla to a Windows machine on the LAN (Server 2012 R2), then had that CIFS share as the home directory of the FileZilla FTP service.
I downloaded from the FileZilla FTP server, and got ~40 MiB/s download speeds - way, way faster than the NAS4Free FTP service, even though FileZilla has to get the data from the CIFS first.

Uploads behave as expected (mostly) -
~18 MiB/s when uploading via FileZilla,
~80 MiB/s when uploading via direct, local IP address.

There's no download or upload speed limitations configured on the NAS4Free proftpd service.

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