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SSH speed improvement

Secure shell connections.
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SSH speed improvement


Post by erik »

On one of my systems I use a rather slow CPU and sending big files or replicating snapshots over SSH becomes CPU bound.
The solution I found is to set the cypher to

Code: Select all

as this will use the HW of the CPU in a more efficient way.
With this I easily reach 100MByte/second snapshot replication even on this slow CPU

Any other suggestions on how to improve speed / reduce CPU loading?
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Re: SSH speed improvement


Post by 744700595 »

I can't understand it. Is this code copied to the configuration inside the SSHD?
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Lee Sharp
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Re: SSH speed improvement


Post by Lee Sharp »

Seeing as how I was a bit interested in this I dug a bit. I am hoping this saves other ther trouble. On the slow system under the ssh service in Additional Parameters, set "Ciphers aes128-gcm@openssh.com" and save. This means any system connection will use this cipher that is less computational intensive. By default, there are many options, and some are computational a bit harsh on older CPUs. Note this will also work for rsync! Running "ssh -Q cipher" will tell you the options you have enabled. It is interesting to do this when you have an older version... As for raw performance, 3des-cbc may actually be fastest, but it is not as secure.

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