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RSA key support?

Posted: 23 Aug 2015 21:30
by debacle
Is it possible to use an RSA keypair for SSH access, instead of DSA? I'm on, the web GUI rejects RSA, is this changed in new versions? Or is there a workaround by bypassing the web GUI?

I lease some server space, and I SSH from it into my NAS. It has just been upgraded and they dropped DSA support. They say I must switch to "RSA, EdDSA or Ed25519 keypairs".

Re: RSA key support?

Posted: 31 Aug 2015 03:56
by debacle
Just to follow up, I didn't have any luck with my original idea. But it turned out that on the client side I could add "-o HostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss" to the SSH command line.