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NFS and Windows ... *sigh*

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 00:37
by Floh
I am running a brand new NAS4Free system ( I have SMB and NFS protocols enabled, and shares set up for both protocols. My Kodi boxes access the NFS shares just fine (although I had to enable zeroconf for them to see it), and it is much faster than SMB.

So I thought my Windows machine that I also back up to the server regularly would profit from NFS as well, and installed the required stuff (running Win7 Ultimate). I can mount the share using "mount -u:xxx -P:yyy x:"
and I can browse it just fine. But when I try to copy anything (I have a small robocopy batch file that I run regularly), I get this kind of message:
"Error 0x80070021: cannot access the file because it is in use by another process" even though I just mounted the drive and nothing else is accessing it AFAIK that is.

I know NFS and Windows don't mix well, but my data transfer rates over SMB suck. Any pointers as to what I should do differently?

Re: NFS and Windows ... *sigh*

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 00:43
by Floh
Never mind. I kept searching the net, and I found that the option "nolock" is required for it to work. Now getting much better data rates through NFS on my Windows machine.

Maybe leave this on here in case somebody else has the same problem.

Re: NFS and Windows ... *sigh*

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 07:55
by gomario
Yes, TX buddy. Can you help me do the same thing please? It will be much appreciated if you could give us a step by step Nas4Free and Widows (7_Ultimate) setting configuration. Some of us are absolute beginners :(

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