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xigmanas server for macOS Mojave and timemachine

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xigmanas server for macOS Mojave and timemachine


Post by Banagher » 22 Nov 2018 10:02

We are using xigmanas ( as a timemachine server for macos clients. Very useful -- we would have lost valuable work without it.

The share was exported via afp only, Bonjour enabled, Time Machine checkbox ticked.

After upgrading to macos mojave (10.14) a client complained with the dreaded : "The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported."

After searching on, I exported the share via cifs *and* afp and added the following options to smb.conf:

Code: Select all

durable handles = yes
kernel oplocks = no
kernel share modes = no
posix locking = no
fruit:advertise_fullsync = true
vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr
fruit:aapl = yes
and the Timemachine was happy again.

While I don't know if this is the right way to configure a server for mojave, I want to share my experience with you, as it might help someone with similar problems.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

  • Should we have a checkbox on the CIFS config page for Timemachine to set the appropriate options in smb.conf?
  • Is is expected behaviour, that we need both afp and samba?

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