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Post by danzi »

Hi Guys,

I know my setup is not "vanilla" from XigmaNAS point of view.

I have version in ESXi 6.7 with an LSI 2008 SAS adapter. Had some CAM errors due to overheating, now that's resolved.

Now I experienced a weird error of XigmaNAS VM restarting when an AFP share was accessed.

No persistent config was written, so I lost OneButtonInstaller config and every plugin I installed with it.

I was wondering if it was possible to completely rebuild the cnid or what is that - AFP cache? the cnid process is very high in CPU and memory usage, when I enable AFP... I guess it is a cache.

Many thanks,
Dell T130 - 32Gb ECC - ESXi 6.7
VM Full Instal - - Omnius (revision 6005)
HP/LSI 9121-4i SAS2008 Pass Through mode
2 x 2Tb ZFS mirror
1 x 3Tb UFS

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