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Having problems with permissions AFP

NAS4Free & Apple Filing Protocol.
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Having problems with permissions AFP


Post by bunk3m » 13 Oct 2013 19:19

I'm running version - Sandstorm (revision 775). I am using ZFS and have SMB and AFP running.

We have a few WinPCs, some Linux and mostly Macs. I have set up 5 usersIDs because I can't get LDAP to work with our Centos 5 Server. This is frustration 1 but I can live with the copied credentials.

I've been reading about permissions but have to say that I don't understand all of it and get confused. So I decided to set up with similar setup to one of the multiple user Macs. The assumption that Freebsd & Mac OSX are pretty similar so permissions and file structure should be similar. (Probably wrong assumption?)

So I've set up the the following file structure with AFP that mimics the Mac folder structure. The similar structure on Centos server running Netatalk 3.0.5 works OK.

Home/user1 Permissions: drwxr-xr-x user1 staff
Home/user2 Permissions: drwxr-xr-x user2 staff
Home/user3 Permissions: drwxr-xr-x user3 staff
Home/user4 Permissions: drwxr-xr-x user4 staff
Home/user5 Permissions: drwxr-xr-x user5 staff
Home/Shared Permissions: drwxrwxrwt root wheel

This is the same permissions that are on a multiple user Mac (10.8.x).

Problem 1)
The user can login OK. The user can see files in his/her directory but also everyones directory. The permissions are exactly like on the Mac and each user can't see the files in any other user's directory. The user should only see his own files and not the other users. I don't know what is wrong here.

Problem 2)
The user can't copy any files to the NAS. Each time you try to copy files to the NAS a dialog box comes up and says to authenticate. User tries his userid/pswd that works on the server and has been also set the same on the NAS. It says the user/pswd is wrong. I don't understand why.

Note also that on the Mac the Get Info on the mounted NAS directory shows "You can only read", (unknown) has rw & everyone has NO ACCESS.

Is there some documentation somewhere on how to set up basic directories for users and 1 shared folder that individuals can copy files up and download? This should be something that everyone using the NAS with a Mac should be running into??

I also want that the owner of the file or person who uploaded to the share folder is the only one who can delete. I think that is why the share folder shows +t.

Thanks in advance for your help. - Sandstorm (revision 775)
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Posts: 38
Joined: 16 May 2013 21:36
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Re: Having problems with permissions AFP


Post by bunk3m » 13 Oct 2013 20:05

I should also add that this permission structure isn't working with SMB either.

In addition, although Zeroconf & Bonjour are enabled, the NAS doesn't show up on the network. Our Centos Server does show up properly.

I'm really confused. :-( - Sandstorm (revision 775)
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