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Sharing Resource forks between AFP and SMB?

XigmaNAS & Apple Filing Protocol.
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Sharing Resource forks between AFP and SMB?


Post by MrAkai »


I know netatalk 3 has a mechanism for using either ZFS xattr or ._filename appledouble files intead of the .Appledouble folder, but I also know that for the time being, we're stuck on netatalk 2.

Is there a way with the current NAS4FREE (9.2) to share the resource fork between SMB and AFP? It's not critical since we can have the macs all connect AFP, but it would be nice as Apple depreciates AFP in favor of SMB2 going forward.


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Re: Sharing Resource forks between AFP and SMB?


Post by ku-gew »

In OmniOS I wadn't able to do that using the kernel CIFS. I hope you have more luck with N4F that uses Samba instead of kernel CIFS.
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Naoyuki Tai
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Re: Sharing Resource forks between AFP and SMB?


Post by Naoyuki Tai »

The version of netatalk on N4F 9.2 is 2.2.5. This version of AppleDouble uses v1.

AppleDouble v2 is the default for netatalk 3.0
http://netatalk.sourceforge.net/3.0/Rel ... s-3.0.html
and v2 is the "FOO" + "._FOO" apple double.

People seem to be waiting for netatalk 3.0 for over an year.

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