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RSYNC clarification in NAS4Free wiki

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RSYNC clarification in NAS4Free wiki


Post by Earendil »

I have been trying to get my Qnap TS-231 (source) to rsync with my NAS4Free NAS' (destination). I still have a couple issues with the 1st (2 core) NAS: 1) network dropoff that causes rsync to disconnect randomly, 2) rsync executable uses absurd amounts of CPU load on the 1st NAS and 3) SSH does not work. I just started rsync tonight on the 2nd (4 core) NAS so while I haven't seen 2), I can't do 3) and we'll see tomorrow if 1) occurs. Settings are the same between each NAS4Free NAS (including all compression disabled which increased speeds dramatically on the 2nd NAS but curiously not on the 1st NAS). Guess I'll keep chipping away at it to get it to work as I expect.

In my extensive research into rsync and how it works through the NAS4Free GUI, I had to share. Look here in this wiki page, under the RSYNC chapter and before the Server chapter to see what I added. Hope it helps! :D Comments are welcome.

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Re: RSYNC clarification in NAS4Free wiki


Post by ijeffsc »


A few comments:

You might mention your specific rsync configurations in some detail if you want some help.

I read through your wiki article/additions. There is some good definitional context set up there. I didn't notice any reference to the two major protocol stacks that rsync can use. One is the rsync stack where the rsync client interacts with the rsync daemon. I'm not sure why anyone uses this anymore but it may be faster if you trust your network and want to avoid cpu costs of compression. The other is rsync over SSH which does not require the rsync daemon. Authentication is a little different and I prefer the latter because I just use already known logins on the local and remote machines.

There is a bug with rsync over SSH in the GUI which I think still exists. The lock file system doesn't work if you are running rsync as an ordinary user.

Somewhere in the forum I posted this and a work around.

I think for debug purposes it would be worth mentioning what all the GUI is doing in terms of creating scripts, lock files, logging etc.

I'd say more but my N4F box is down at the moment as the long term result of a move.

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