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Interface lie/error/ambiguity

Stream media from XigmaNAS using iTunes/DAAP protocols.
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Interface lie/error/ambiguity


Post by michael-vs-N4F »

On at least - Prester (revision 2268)--and likely much before--the interface at Services | iTunes/DAAP suggests that there is a login name associated with logging in to the Administrative WebGUI for the DAAP service (once enabled, and typically found at in an all-defaults installation of NAS4Free). There isn't any login for that interface. In other words, the text found at that point--"Password for the administrative pages. Default user name is 'admin'."--is a lie, an error, or just plain ambiguous.

In fact, when accessing the interface to the iTunes/DAAP service, on port 3689, you can leave the login name blank, and just type in the password entered there in Services | iTunes/DAAP | Password (presumably). Even more confusingly, the 'expected' login name (as suggested by the web browser I'm using to access the NAS4Free DAAP service I've set up, via port 3689) is 'webserver'. That suggestion necessarily has its origins at the NAS.

I can't be arsed to find a better, or more appropriate, place to post the facts above; I find that the entire NAS4Free information universe is an off-putting, anarchic rat's-nest... Very poor quality.
Keeping ignorance alive with misinformation and ambiguity is not uncommon;
in many fora, it's the preferred method.

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