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nas4free and itunes

Stream media from XigmaNAS using iTunes/DAAP protocols.
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nas4free and itunes


Post by jes2016 »

I downloaded NAS4Free yesterday and got it working on my old XP machine, I set up users Ok and wrote and moved files. I followed a great set of instructions at http://www.anotherwindowsblog.com/2012/ ... twork.html I am a beginner at this type of things so was really pleased.

Today I am investigating using the NAS to serve itunes - I am using itunes v12.4.1.6. I am following the instructions http://www.homemultimedianetwork.com/Gu ... Server.php . I have completed steps 1-4 but 5 fails, itunes fails to see the Share.

I'm looking for help on how to troubleshoot this. Tx

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Re: nas4free and itunes


Post by F8BOE »


To use I-Tunes you must configure the "iTunes/DAAP" service, I-Tunes will not take care of any UPnP service.
If iTunes does not see your server, try a DAAP program.

Ciao @+

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