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Daap Server stops working after 5min

Stream media from XigmaNAS using iTunes/DAAP protocols.
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Daap Server stops working after 5min


Post by lindi »


I set up a my first nas server a few days ago. Now i want to setup Itunes Daap server. for some minutes everything works fine, but after about 5min the daap server is not reachable anymore. Same thing happens with my owncloud jail to, jail is up and running, ping is also working, but the index file of server is not reachable through web browser.
In the logfile i got following message:

Code: Select all

kernel: pid 2527 (mt-daapd), uid 0, was killed: out of swap space
I have a embedded Installation of Nas4Free on a usb stick without any swap or data space on it.
my storage is a zfs pool of 5 WD20EARX, setup with 4k sector. another 6. WD20EARX drive in this pool is hot-spare.
My Mainboard is Asus E35M-i (without "deluxe") and 8gb Kingston Ram. with zfskerneltune i setup memoryspace for zfs to 6gb. MTU size is 9000. The performance in my gigabit ethernet is not the best, it is about 20MB/s - 40MB/s over AFP
Embedded Install
Mainboard: Asus E35M-I
RAM: 8GB Kingston
Drives: 6x WD20ERX (2TB; RaidZ1 with hot spare)
Powersupply: Corsair VS 350
Ethernet: Gigabit, MTU Size 9000

Should i add another drive as Swap drive? It seems there is no more memory space for daap server / owncloud jail to work so he kills the process? In some other topics/posts i read, there is no necessity for a swap drive/partition. The next problem is, for adding a swap drive, a usb disk would be bad in case of performance and lifetime. The sata ports are all in use for zfs pool, so if a swap harddrive is the only solution i should get a pci-e sata controllercard.

I hope for your help, thanks a lot,

NAS4Free Embedded: Asus E35M-I - 6x WD20EARX (Raid Z1 with HotSpare) - Corsair VMS 350 - 8Gb Kingston RAM - Fractal Design Node 604

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