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Startup hangs with 'Starting mtdaapd

Stream media from XigmaNAS using iTunes/DAAP protocols.
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Startup hangs with 'Starting mtdaapd


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For no apparent reason my NAS server was no longer available on the network. I then restarted, and could not get it going again. I did a new download of N4F, built an embedded install, all working. I then restored using the last good N4F config i saved. However, when it restarts, same issue. In the log screen it hangs at the point where it says 'Starting mtdaapd.' I checked the log file and the last lines read something relating HOMEGROUP. There is something i 'think' may be related. I recently updates to Win 10 on my normal PC, and have not created a home group. The time of N4F stopping to respond and the time of me upgrading to Win 10 is sort of the same time (i cannot recall if it was the same day)

Any suggestions? I dont need daap to be running. Id that is what causes the issue, can i exclude it from the startip config?

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