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Mount error on XigmaNas to iSCSI RAID

iSCSI over TCP/IP.
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Mount error on XigmaNas to iSCSI RAID


Post by Mukai » 02 Aug 2019 09:26


I am trying to mount an iSCSI RAID using the Areca ARC-5066 RAID controller from SigmaNAS.
It is tried from the iSCSI initiator tab of the web interface but could not be mounted.
When I checked the log, the following error occurred frequently.

xigmanas.local iscsid 3252 - - 10.10.1.xxx (iqn.2xxx-07.com.xyz.abc:group-00): received invalid FirstBurstLength
kernel: WARNING: (iqn.2xxx-07.com.xyz.abc:group-00): login timed out after 61 seconds; reconnecting
xigmanas.local iscsid 1904 - - child process 3252 terminated with exit status 1

By the way, that iSCSI RAID could be connected and mounted from other Linux OS (OpenSUSE 15.1) without problems.

Has anyone been able to successfully mount another iSCSI device with the XigmaNAS iSCSI initiator?
If possible, can you tell me the procedure at that time?
Please advice me.

Thank you for advance!


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