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No poweroff with iSCSI disks

iSCSI over TCP/IP.
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No poweroff with iSCSI disks


Post by p6er »

I have abit of a weird behavior. On my XigmaNAS (latest release of course) I have a bunch of local disks with ZFS. I now added two iSCSI disks, one of each sits on a separate Synology NAS.

I can write data to local ZFS set as well as the second ZFS set with the iSCSI disks/LUNs.

At the end of my backup, my script issues a shutdown. I can see my XigmaNAS disconnecting from the iSCSI targets, but it would not power off, which it did as long as I didn't have any iSCSI targets.

First time I observed this behavior, I didn't see the connection to iSCSI. But during a first round, I removed the iSCSI initiators and targets and the system would power down nicely again. (Was surprised when it did that).

Recently I reconfigured again and added the iSCSI LUNs back in - actually created new initiators with new LUNS. And since then no poweroff.
It gets as far as showing the uptime, but without the LUNs it would continue with shutting down my SATA controllers and finally power off.

Anyone any idea?

EDIT: An additional observation: it appears, that the network also remains up and running as I can ping the node. But ssh to it doesn 't obviously not work any more... I have to manually press the power button for 10 secs ... how can I debug?


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