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Mount ISCSI file

iSCSI over TCP/IP.
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Mount ISCSI file


Post by dtm »

Had a NAS Failure where we were running vcd's on an ISCSI target. I was able to recover the files, but its just giving me raw data or the ISCSI "file." No file extension - just a 1TB iSCSI01 file that is now sitting on a local drive.

Is there a way to mount it so I can access the contents?

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Re: Mount ISCSI file


Post by alexey123 »

In general, you can try mount iSCSI file as memory file backed disk.

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mdconfig -a -t vnode -f <YourFile FULL PATH>
Then check it with fdisk and gpart
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Re: Mount ISCSI file


Post by Shperrung »

I created iSCSI target using ZFS Volume and all is working very well but I see that there is an option to use "file" for this.
How and where can I create this file?
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