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one iSCSI target and multiple initiatiors

iSCSI over TCP/IP.
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one iSCSI target and multiple initiatiors


Post by subbsd »

Is it possible to use one iSCSI target and multiple initiators ? As far as I know, the iSCSI protocol does not allow simultaneous use of one resource. Of course, iSCSI initiators should use appropriate file system, e.g GFS2 or OCFS2 on iSCSI resources. Some of commercial NASes and Linux allow it to do. Nevertheless my FreeBSD 11.1-based iSCSI show warnings about multiple access for single targets and each client dropped and restored connections when second devices write something. Possible multi-path options can help. This is supported by Nas4Free ? Thanks

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Re: one iSCSI target and multiple initiatiors


Post by ms49434 »

which driver do you use? istgt or ctl?

CTL seems to support it:

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     The ctl subsystem provides SCSI target devices emulation. It supports
     features such as:

     +o	 Disk, CD-ROM and processor device emulation
     +o	 Tagged	queueing
     +o	 SCSI task attribute support (ordered, head of queue, simple tags)
     +o	 SCSI implicit command ordering	support
     +o	 Full task management support (abort, query, reset, etc.)
     +o	 Support for multiple ports, initiators, targets and backing stores
     +o	 Support for VMWare VAAI and Microsoft ODX offload (COMPARE AND	WRITE,
     +o	 Persistent reservation	support
     +o	 Extensive VPD/mode/log	pages support
     +o	 Featured error	reporting, error injection and basic SMART support
     +o	 High Availability clustering support with ALUA
     +o	 All I/O handled in-kernel, no userland	context	switch overhead
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