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iSCSI backup

iSCSI over TCP/IP.
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C.C. Chan
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iSCSI backup


Post by C.C. Chan »

Hi, Dear,
As I create iSCSI volume and attach to other machine as disk volume for daily use. Will you do backup for your iSCSI? or just copy important files to other location?
It is hard to backup the iSCSI volume, as it is huge, like 100G.

Will you mind to share your experience?

Thanks & Regards,
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Re: iSCSI backup


Post by Riften »

With hard drives so inexpensive as compared to just a few years ago, you can always attach another hard drive to your computer to do file level backup of ISCSI and/or other harddrives. A 1 TB drive can be had for $50~$80 US, a 500gig can be had for $30~$50, and there are plenty of backup software choices in the same price range. For backup of file shares, you can add a drive to your NAS if there is room, and use RSYNC to backup your shares to the drive. This is what I do for my shares, local RSYNC backups on a schedule.
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