*New 12.1 series Release:
2020-04-17: XigmaNAS - released

*New 11.3 series Release:
2020-04-16: XigmaNAS - released!

We really need "Your" help on XigmaNAS https://translations.launchpad.net/xigmanas translations. Please help today!

Producing and hosting XigmaNAS costs money. Please consider donating for our project so that we can continue to offer you the best.
We need your support! eg: PAYPAL

Donating to XigmaNAS

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Donating to XigmaNAS


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Hello Donators,

XigmaNAS is free, but costs money and time to produce, support and distribute.
Also hosting a forum and related website's are not free.

We appreciate all the users who enjoy using XigmaNAS.
Please consider donating to the project and helping us continue to bring you this great software and future improvements.

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c ... ostedGuest

To keep the project independent we try to absolutely minimize the number of ads we run on the software, websites and forums.
However running a project like this takes money and the more successful we become, the more we have to pay for server costs and other essential charges.

That's where you can assist. If you support the idea of free software, if you value the idea of free, independent information on the web or simply like our community site then please help by making a donation.

Any money you donate is only used to keep the XigmaNAS project running and will be used directly to pay the expenses we incur. As a result every donation is critical to the long-term survival of the project. Even a small donation helps.

To donate now, please use the link.

We thank you for your support.

Team XigmaNAS