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2019-10-19: XigmaNAS - released

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Project is changed into XigmaNAS!

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Re: Project is changed into XigmaNAS!


Post by JoseMR » 04 Feb 2019 02:21

Breezewood wrote:
03 Feb 2019 23:06
NeilP wrote:
21 Jan 2019 09:57
Just seen this name change... while my system is working I tend not to look in

What a mouthful of a name !

‘Ex Ig Ma Nas. ‘ is that how it is supposed to be said ? Yuk !
I have likened to say it as "Zig-Ma-Nas"

NeilP wrote:
04 Feb 2019 01:27
Suppose you could try saying it that way. Yes, thinking about it, there probably are not any words starting with the letter ‘X’ that are pronounced using ‘’X’
Both equally horrorid and ‘cringe worthy’
Almost too embarrassing a name to admit to
using it now ;)

Judging or be ashamed of using an OS/product due its Name/Brand, as in "I use Windows because I don't like the name/pronouncing Ubuntu(ʊˈbʊntu)" for example, is plain silly (No Offense).

In my case I can pronounce XigmaNAS as either "Sig-ma-NAS", "Zig-ma-NAS" or even simply use "ΣNAS" as a short.

On the other hand, you can always run a Full Platform and apply your own GUI theme changing brand/logos/icons etc., or fork/build a custom distro with your naming/branding requirements.

Between there are always choices like FreeNAS(be mentally prepared if you plan to use their forums) and Open Media Vault(OMV), or even easier there's the of-the-shelf NAS, if either the manufacturer locked or data integrity if not as important for you as the brand name.

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Re: Project is changed into XigmaNAS!


Post by NeilP » 04 Feb 2019 10:59

Of course it is silly ! you are correct there, no offence taken.

It is has been so reliable, I won’t be changing. Have been using ‘it’ through two or three name changes now. FreeNAS, NAS4Free, and was it not something else’s before FreeNAS?

I am not sure what actual version I am running now on my NAS/BT / Plex box.
But it is still has the NAS4Free logo on it. Not even sure if my hardware will support the latest release.

Can’t even remember now why I popped by and saw the name change.
I know my weekly auto-boot backup box packed up a few weeks ago... PSU issue I think... might have been the thought of rebuilding that in a new chassis that sent me here for new disk image.

Anyway, I gotta go, nurse wants me to get ready for theatre... going in for op to have tibial nail removed from my leg 😞

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