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XigmaNAS as Nextcloud CLIENT?

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XigmaNAS as Nextcloud CLIENT?


Post by KimmoJ »

Has anyone tried to set up a sync client in this thing? The use case would be to have the Nextcloud on a VPS in the umm cloud, with storage attached via Wasabi (S3, a la Amazon) and then syncing specific data sets up to that Nextcloud.

I have such a Nextcloud set up, and use it to store documents and stuff I want to access on multiple devices even on the go, and with Wasabi only costing $5.99 a month per terabyte I'm backing up the stuff I want to survive a house fire for instance that way now too. For instance, my music collection.

The local storage at home is still the "authoritative" copy, that's what I use the most in the day to day life to play music at home and the like, but I'd like to set up a sync relationship so that changes I make on the NAS at home propagate up to the Nextcloud.

Is there native functionality to act as a sync client?

If not, can one compile and install a client somehow? For example on a system with RootOnZFS.

Alternatively, are there any Amazon S3 compatible connectors or the like so you could move data directly between this and cloud storage? Wasabi uses the exact same system, they're just a lot cheaper than Amazon.

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Re: XigmaNAS as Nextcloud CLIENT?


Post by ms49434 »

There's an extension available which provides a NextOwnCloud service on your machine: [EXTENSION] NextOwnCloud.
If you have the embedded version of XigmaNAS installed, you might think about running a nextcloud client in a virtual machine.
If you are running the full version of XigmaNAS you can think about installing owncloudclient.
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Re: XigmaNAS as Nextcloud CLIENT?


Post by Dempsey »

What's the biggest benefit of running a nextcloud client in a virtual machine?

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