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[Youtube] ZFS tutorial: How to use older HW to set up a NAS

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[Youtube] ZFS tutorial: How to use older HW to set up a NAS


Post by VictorB »

I made a new video. Its show which older hardware you can choose to build your own ZFS NAS. The focus is on a 2006/2007 system and the video has lots of ZFS tips. So even if you want to use new hardware you can see what important!


I hope you will al LIKE this video and feel free to share it.


(After this one i will start with a Nas4free installation video)
ZFS Server hardware build video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBYMVUNrvDY

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Re: [Youtube] ZFS tutorial: How to use older HW to set up a


Post by armandh »

nicely done video on hardware choices
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