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Forum Rules!

Forum rules
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Forum Rules!


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15 rules and the guidelines that you must read and understand before posting.

Penalties for breaking the rules may be up to and include banning from the site and/or forums depending on the severity. Moreover, Administrators or Moderators may take decisions to delete posts or ban users at any time with or without notice.
If you do not agree with the rules and guidelines outlined below, then you are not allowed to use the service provided by XigmaNAS forums.

1. If you are new to the forum (posts<10) or don't know where to ask a question, ask it in the Newbie Questions area. If your question is unique or otherwise valuable a moderator will move it into the proper area.

2. When you start a new thread you MUST write a subject that accurately describes the content!
Including all, or at least some, of the following information in your thread will increase the chance to get an answer:
  1. XigmaNAS version, platform (Embedded/Full/LiveCD), and revision number.
  2. General hardware information (CPU, RAM, Motherboard model, etc.).
  3. Specific hardware information (network card chipset, RAID controller chipset, etc.).
  4. DMESG output or copy of specific log/errors or status.php, if you are asking about a general problem.
  5. IFCONFIG output if you are asking about a NIC or networking problem.
  6. PCICONF -lv output if you are asking about motherboard and/or PCI card problems.
  7. Code snippets, logs, config files and quotes should be enclosed in the appropriate bbcode tags.
  8. It is not acceptable to only include the hardware and software specifications in your signature. Your signature can be changed at any time making a once useful thread worse than useless. Remember, the purpose of a public forum is the education of the community, relying on signatures that subsequently change can mislead others.
  9. It is not acceptable to provide a link or URL to your hardware and software specifications, they must be part of your post. Links can break or the information can change making a once useful thread worse than useless.
  10. To provide you with accurate answers we need this information and it will also help others to find your posts when they are searching for similar information.
3. Any post in violation of the rules will be deleted with or without notice, and you may be warned, and or banned from the site.

4. Advertising of any websites, services and/or products is prohibited in the forums. Pornography, drugs, warez, hacking and/or links to websites of this type are also prohibited. Chain letters and pyramid schemes are similarly prohibited. If it is illegal or unethical where you live, it's prohibited here too. Even if it's legal where you live we may still prohibit it at our discretion.

5. Flames, shouting (all-caps), sarcasm, bullying, profanity, defamatory, hateful, personal attacks, negative or arrogant posts/comments about others are prohibited. You are not billed for the help provided here, but it costs a lot of time and effort to the volunteers providing it. Be polite and patient.

6. Do not 'bump up' questions if they are not answered promptly. Be patient. Do not reply to your own topics. Unanswered topics stand out and are given priority. If you must add additional information you should edit your original topic instead of posting a reply to it. If your topic goes unanswered for a long time you should consider deleting it and creating a new one that asks a better question and/or includes more information.

7. No duplicate or cross-posting. Do not report a post or send a private message where your goal is to get an answer more quickly.

8. Edit your posts if you see spelling or grammar errors (don't write in leet, cyberchat or cyberpunk style). Use plain English only except in the "XigmaNAS in your language forum" sub-forums. English is the project's official language.

9. Don't post your email address and ask for an email reply or send a private message with a technical question. The forums are for the benefit of all, so all Q&A should take place in the forums.

10. The forum Administrators reserve the right to prune, move or edit threads/topics/posts that do not adhere to the rules or are technically inaccurate. Topics/threads which have not been replied to within 12 months may be moved to the Trash sub-forum if not related or to Newbie Questions if the question is irrelevant or repeated. You can ask the Moderators to move the post/topic back or relocate if you can provide a solid argument in your favor.

11. ONE issue, ONE topic. Ask only ONE good question and provide only ONE answer.

12. The forum administrators reserve the right to remove users or change their posting status to read-only without notice if any rules are not followed.

13. No Spamming
No Spamming: Spamming is when you post simple one-liners or something of the sort that doesn't add any conversation to the forum or thread that you're participating in. Posting something like "ya", "ok", or "lol" alone in a post is considered spam. The biggest case of spamming is something like "ahsgdka" which is a random combination of letters, so please don't do that just to get a kick out of it, because there are dire consequences for doing so. Spamming is actually one of the easier rules to break, so please try to post with meaning and substance when you're participating in a thread.

14. This forum is all about XigmaNAS, it's not allowed to offer FreeNAS downloads here at all on any way, those builds are also removed from freenas download pages for very good reasons.

15. 32-bits version support has been ended! All downloads have been removed, it's no longer allowed to share 32-bits versions on this forum because all those past 32-bits versions are no longer safe to use by any end user!
All past 32-bits versions are missing all recent security patches!

  • Search for your problem. There is a very good chance someone else has asked the same question as you. So before you post a question, ESPECIALLY a "How do I", "Can I", "Where is" question, make sure you:
    • Search the FAQs!
    • Read The XigmaNAS SUG (Setup and User guide), the main manual of XigmaNAS, may not be up to date, however, it's the best resource that we ever had.
    • Explore the XigmaNAS Wiki, another useful resource for XigmaNAS knowledge.
    • Read This to Learn How to Best Search the Forum Please!
    • If you didn't find an answer: Make sure you ask the right question in the right forum. If you are new, post in the Newbie forum. If you have a Networking question, post in the networking section (General/Networking). If your question doesn't relate to XigmaNAS, post in the Off-topic forum. If you want to ask questions in your language, use the "XigmaNAS in your language" sub-forums.
  • Your topic Subject line must include a short, descriptive, summary of your question or problem.
  • Consider the wording of your question carefully, be specific about your problem, and make sure that you have actually asked a question, one question.
  • Use punctuation and spelling to the best of your ability. Run on paragraphs without sentence breaks, and full of misspelled words limit your chances for a rapid and informative reply.
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