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Custom DynDNS Configuration

Dynamic DNS services.
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Custom DynDNS Configuration


Post by heine »


since DynDNS.org and most of similar Services decided to become more and more anoying I decided to set up my own DynDNS Server.

Since I had some trouble getting a working configuration I want to share it with however needs it.

My Service gets updated via the following url:

Code: Select all

I ended with following Settings:
Provider: Custom
Domain name: "myhost". It is appended at the end of the query
Username, Password I didn't found out how this can be included in the query. So use foo/bar or whatever.

Update Times can be set to your preference.

The juice is the 'Auxiliary parameters' field.

Code: Select all

--dyndns_system custom@http_svr_basic_auth
--dyndns_server_name my.customservice.com
--dyndns_server_url /update?domain=
--ip_server_name my.customservice.com /ip
The "--dyndns_system" field is necessary as Nas4FREE does something wrong in my opinion. The inadyn daemon uses the dyndns.org setting as default if nothing is specified. For custom this field needs to be set. That's why I do it myself.

If you need username/password include them in the "--dyndns_server_url".

The "--ip_server_name" field is only necessary if you also run your own IP-Detection service (aka. a website that returns the calling IP). If you don't set it 'checkip.dyndns.org' is used.

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Re: Custom DynDNS Configuration


Post by tonypascal »


I had the same problem with OVH. This is how I solved it

Simply add additional parameters:
--alias subdomain.domain.fr
--dyndns_server_name http://www.ovh.com
--dyndns_server_url /nic/update?

and the domain name must be domain.fr-subdomain
I thought it could help !
it refers to : http://forum.ovh.com/showthread.php?467 ... atible-ovh

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