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dynamic dns working behind a router

Dynamic DNS services.
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dynamic dns working behind a router


Post by negreasrin » 06 Apr 2014 15:02

i did try to search but nothing
i had a router that did the job of ddns with afraid.org (all ok)

now the router is dead and i use a time capsule but this do not have afraid.org ddns

so i see that my nas4free has dynamic dns and afraid.org in the config

just asking myself ??:

it will update the wan (external ip)or will update the internal ip to the afraid.org???

please remember that :

my time capsule does all the routing and wan connection
the has is behind the router

Read ,read ,test , and after that ask !
Google is your friend!
Ihave a NAS ,thanks to developers 4FREE!

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Re: dynamic dns working behind a router


Post by bart357 » 06 Apr 2014 17:44

It should update the wan ip. You should be able to see the updated ip in the logs.
Take care.

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