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How montoring raid HW via SNMP ?

Posted: 31 Mar 2017 11:57
by mauro

This is my problem:
With this system ( - Sayyadina 3882, embedded, raid controller is HP P410 with 256MB cache but I think is indifferent for the solution) I need to check the status of disks becouse no LED status are presents on the hdd bay (microserver HP N36L).
If a disk is broken I need to know which disk change.
On Diagnostics->Log->System I see this information over ciss driver. Well.
I need to monitor this state (Raid Volume or single disk is indifferent for me: on the GUI I find what I need) over SNMP.
I try to use the info on this post:
I change awk parameter accordly with the output of camcontrol for my controller.

Now, no traps was sent to my server SNMP. What am I doing wrong?
If I run a "snmptrap" command from Nas4Free to the server I receive the trap: no firewall/port issue.
In Services->SNMP I set community, enabled traps, set he trap host with the IP of the server, set 162 to trap port, set a trap string, in the additional parametres set
extNames.2 = "HPRaid" (It is just a description or has a meaning?)
extCommand.2 = "/mnt/Raid1/raidstatus"

And enabled all four modules.

Any ideas?

Re: How montoring raid HW via SNMP ?

Posted: 04 Apr 2017 10:08
by mauro
Resolved in alternative way.
With Zabbix I have installed the Agent, and create ad item "agent trap".
Via crontab I send to the server Zabbix the output of camcontrol command.