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Monitoring Megaraid volume status via snmp

SNMP service.
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Monitoring Megaraid volume status via snmp


Post by mark0x01 »

Easy to implement.

To monitor a single megaraid volume status using mfiutil

create a folder on a data volume and copy mfiutil from /usr/sbin on the FreeBSD dvd.

This example uses Datapool0 and a folder called tools

Add to SNMP Auxiliary parameters

extNames.2 = "MegaRaid"
extCommand.2 = "/mnt/Datapool0/tools/raidstatus"


create the script and make executeable (chmod +x raidstatus)

#/bin/sh -f
## megaraid status
/mnt/Datapool0/tools/mfiutil show volumes | grep mfid0 | awk '{print $6}'

The oid is . and if all is ok it will return a string of OPTIMAL

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