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Reboot to enable SNMP ?

SNMP service.
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Reboot to enable SNMP ?


Post by unixman »

Running on NAS4Free (847).
4Tb+2Tb+2Tb on AsRock AMD E350M1 with 16Gb RAM.
Enabling SNMP via WebUI requires reboot.
Also Enabling NTP via WebUI requires reboot.
Configuration of a lot of things require non-necessary reboots.
It's FreeBSD. Why ?
What's the point in using a pre-built appliance if I have to do things manually ?


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Re: Reboot to enable SNMP ?


Post by raulfg3 »

no need of reboot for me.

save your config.
do a new fresh reinstall (full or embeded)
restore your previosly saved config.

This time no reboot is needed when change services. - Ingva (revision 7743) on SUPERMICRO X8SIL-F 8GB of ECC RAM, 11x3TB disk in 1 vdev = Vpool = 32TB Raw size , so 29TB usable size (I Have other NAS as Backup)

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