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Riello UPS help in setup please.

Uninterruptable Power Supply service using NUT.
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Riello UPS help in setup please.


Post by fizzgig656 » 18 Jan 2016 14:37

Has any one got a Riello UPS working? ive got a Riello DLPR 220 which im trying to setup and cant seem to. Ive tried the drivers listed snmp-ups and riello_ser. Ive tried the serial cable in com port 1 and 2 TNA. - Prester (revision 1814) embedded x64 no swap + extended webgui, on atom D2700MUD 1x4gb ram, 1x mini sata controllers, 4 HDD in a icydock 4bay caddy run 2x 500gb mirror and 2x1tb mirror. Using CIFS/SMB, SSH, DLNA/UPnP, dynamic DNS, Webserver (owncloud) and BitTorrent for home use.

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Re: Riello UPS help in setup please.


Post by mcvillage » 20 Mar 2016 21:55

You can test that the serial interface of the UPS is working using the official software from Riello in a Windows machine. Check the serial cable type, not all the cables are valid. I can assure you that nas4free can monitor that UPS, I had it working for a long time, until the UPS died from old age.

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