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APC Back-UPS ES 550G (USB) works

Uninterruptable Power Supply service using NUT.
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APC Back-UPS ES 550G (USB) works


Post by thegvltd » 29 Jul 2017 18:39

Driver used: usbhid-ups
Driver version 2.7.4
Driver version internal 0.41
UPS firmware 843.K4 .D

Works great with settings at default. When you unplug the UPS cord, the N4F console shows that you are on battery power, then after X seconds, shuts itself down. I wasn't sure what to type into the setting for "driver", so after looking up the proper one using the hyperlink, I just typed it in with no path, etc. Also, under Diagnostics > Information > UPS, a plethora of UPS information is now populated, including model number, a battery charge level indicator, and much more. So cool... thanks Devs!
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120Gb pata HDD embedded OS w/ swap
APC Back-UPS es550g

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