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Bit torrent web interface has stopped working?

Transmission bittorrent server.
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Bit torrent web interface has stopped working?


Post by puck25 »

Hi All

OK, newbie here...

Firstly I appreciate that most of you on here will be very familiar with Linux so may well think this is a very simple fix. Unfortunately I am not very clued up with Linux and am from a windows server background. I have been using NAS4Free now for a while and it is great. I haven't needed to be amazing at Linux as the GUI is really good for getting on with most things I need to do.

Recently though I have encountered a few problems and I can't seem to trace my steps back to see what I might have done to cause the problem. If there is anyone that can help me start to diagnose how to find the problems I would be very great full.

Details below..

1. If I navigate to services > bitTorrent and then in the menu try and open the GUI I get a what I suppose is a 500 error. In short from what I can tell the port is not open anymore and that is about as far as I can diagnose. I have got Putty setup and can SSH to the console but I don't know my way around command line enough to know what to look for.
2. File explorer will not let me view the etc directory ( not for this forum I know but was trying to get in it to diag this problem) from reading the documentation is suggests that config files are to be view in there. Hence why I tried to access it.

I would rather not have to wipe the config for the nas box and hope it works.

Any advice would be very welcome!


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