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Paid Proxy & VPN Service is too slow... alternatives???

Transmission bittorrent server.
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Paid Proxy & VPN Service is too slow... alternatives???


Post by hongnagtl1 »

Paid Proxy & VPN Service is too slow... alternatives???

Postby pp-thasuser » Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:23 am
I travel a lot in SE Asia, and wanted to give your paid service a try, so I signed up at present for the three-day free trial. My ID is ID is: I-**************.

After successfully setting up and using both the Proxy service and the VPN service, I find that both are too slow to use for any successful video streaming -- even though my underlying Internet connection to the U.S. -- when not using your proxy or VPN -- is plenty fast enough to support streaming.

In several test runs of both services, I typically was averaging at best a bit over 300 Kbps for the VPN service, and under 300 Kbps for the proxy service. Without the proxy or VPN, I usually can get between 600 Kbps and 1.2 Mbps depending on the time of the day.

I know, from SE Asia, the best and fastest VPN and proxy connections to the U.S. usually are to the West Coast, like San Francisco or Los Angeles, because of the way the transcontinental data cables are routed.

So my question is, do you have any ability to reconfigure or relocate my proxy or VPN server assignments to provide better throughput speeds given that I'm using the service when traveling in SE Asia. Thanks much.

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Re: Paid Proxy & VPN Service is too slow... alternatives???


Post by lindsay »

Me too is using Astrill, though i can not reach the speed of my line but 25-30MB/s is nice anyway.
I have a 500/500Mbps from my ISP.
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Re: Paid Proxy & VPN Service is too slow... alternatives???


Post by willieaames »

If you're only after streaming (in this instance) then use the lowest form of encryption, you only want to mask your IP, the encryption part is useless in this case.
Some things to try with Ivacy...
Change "Connection Type" to UDP rather than TCP.
Try lowering the encryption to the lowest possible available.
Found Purevpn, BlackVPN, IPVanish and Ivacy to all have good speeds from the UK to US, and i`d used for bypassing throttling as well.

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