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Files, Folders and Permissions

Transmission bittorrent server.
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Files, Folders and Permissions


Post by andromedia »

- I have recently updated the firmware to (943)
- The DNLA service is active and running fine
- the bittorrent service is running fine ( the watch directory and download directory
are located in the same folder.
- I have double checked my permissions in WINSCP and all is good

The problem:

recently I have been unable to cut and paste downloaded torrent files out of the download directory, i get the following message "The action cant be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program" that is to cut and paste within the server storage. if i want to cut and paste to my pc i get the following message "you require permission from Unix/transmission to make changes to this file."

COPY AND PASTE to both server and pc work fine but then I have to use Unlocker to delete the files from the download directory.

NOTE: i have removed the files from the bittorrent service on the server before all of the above took place so theoretically the service should not be using it.

this is my firs post so please bare with me if its a bit all over the place.


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