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Owncloud in nas4free version x64 and version x86

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Owncloud in nas4free version x64 and version x86


Post by dinis_87 »

Is possible to use owncloud in nas4free version x64 and version x86?
or you just can use it in version x64?


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Re: Owncloud in nas4free version x64 and version x86


Post by raulfg3 »

Usually there are no problem to use x86 version of any program ( like owncloud) on a x64 enviromentent ( nas4Free), but better if you do install on a jail because you can control what enviroment (x86 or x64) need to install inside this jail to make packages to work, you can decide to install actual or past version of BSD if your package need it ( you can have one jail with BSD 8.3 x86 and other jail with BSD 9.2 x64).

PD: Inverse can't work ( you can't install x64 package in a x86 enviroment). (revision 6766)+OBI on SUPERMICRO X8SIL-F 8GB of ECC RAM, 12x3TB disk in 3 vdev in RaidZ1 = 32TB Raw size only 22TB usable

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